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Here are some of our most asked Questions about Garden Furniture and the purchasing and delivery of garden supplies and accessories.


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Will i need tie downs for my marquee- All erections are different it all depends on the situation where you are placing your marquee, is it an open area that is not well shielded by trees and buildings, is your structure going to be left up for more than 24 hrs? In short we would recommend that all marquees are anchored with tie down kits unless sited in the most calm of conditions and only going to be up over night.


Do i need a fire certificate - When hosting an event in which you will be inviting people to attend you must make sure that you have taken the appropriate safety measures to ensure that if there is a problem you are prepared - you must consult your local fire department who will send an officer around to inspect your event structure and facilities, the officer will then tell you how many fire extinguishers you require, whether there are sufficient fire exits and weather exits are properly lighted and freely accessible amongst other things.

Once satisfied the officer will then provide you with the appropriate certificate, this process has to be performed for each event you have, not just one certificate provided for your marquee at the time of purchase.


Will i be able to erect the marquee myself? - All of the marquees we supply come with DIY erection instructions, these marquees are simple to put up and will take 1-4 people approx 4 hrs to put up a 12m x 6m on a first attempt, once you are used to putting one up this time can be halved.

There is a video situated here to aid with the erection of our marquees.


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