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When erecting a marquee make sure that the wind conditions are suitable for the size of marquee you are erecting and that you have Sufficient people for those wind conditions.


Also remember that it is important to make sure that your marquee is anchored correctly with the correct amount of tie downs for the conditions in which you will be using the marquee.




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Top event concerns .


Event organisers worry more about there event being useful and enjoyable to attendees than anything else, according to a new survey, which found that 87 per cent of respondents rated this as there top concern.

The research, carried out by Insurex Expo-sure, also revealed that concerns with logistical issues ranked second, problems with the venue was third and in fourth place was attendance figures, which was rated as a higher concern than safety and security.


After a summer of extreme weather and disruption from terrorism and foot and mouth disease, only 60 per cent felt that external factors over which event organisers have no control were either a concern or a major concern. Considerations for the environment also came out poor, with 49 per cent of organisers perceiving the environmental impact of there event to be of a major concern or no concern at all.


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